Owning an automotive repair shop requires you to make a lot of designs for how you want your business to be run. One key factor that you need to take into consideration when running your business is what you want your employees to wear. It is important to realize that their clothes are going to get dirty and grimy throughout the day, so typically uniforms will not work in the automotive industry. Coveralls area often the best option when it comes to creating a uniformed look in your repair shop. The following guide walks you through the factors to take into consideration when choosing coveralls for your workers to wear.


Choose a color that will not show dirt, oil, and grime that may be wiped on the coveralls throughout the day. Navy blue, dark brown, or even black coveralls are ideal for use in the automotive industry.

Size Availability

You will more than likely have mechanics of varying sizes working for you and you want to be sure that you choose coveralls that will fit everyone comfortably. Take the time to find out how tall everyone is and what size they typically wear in pants. Keep in mind that taller people may need larger sizes than they typically wear in pants to ensure that the coveralls are able to accommodate their height. 


When working in a repair shop, the space can get very warm during the hot summer months. Having a breathable material on their body will allow them to do their job better because they will not be overheated or uncomfortable during work.


You want to choose a material that is comfortable for workers to maneuver in as they do their job. Material that is restrictive will make it difficult for them to bend over to get to the inner workings of the motor or under the car to repair the transmission, fuel lines, or brakes.


You want to be sure that the bottoms of the legs open up to ensure that they fit around the tops of the workers' boots comfortably. Many mechanics choose to wear steel-toed boots at work to ensure that their toes are protected if anything slips out of their hands and falls on their feet throughout the day.

If you take all of these factors into consideration, finding great overalls for your workers to wear should be easy. It is best to supply the workers with a pair or two of the coveralls and give them the opportunity to buy more if they would like. For help selecting the right style for your auto shop, contact a distributor, like Spotless Uniform Ltd coveralls.