If you need an apartment but cannot commit to a one-year lease, you could always look for a short-term option. There are several main ways to find apartments for rent that do not require one-year leases. These short-term rentals are great for people that need a temporary place to live, or for those that would like to try living in an apartment alone to see if it works out. Here are two main options you have for finding a short-term apartment to rent.

Find a Person That Wants to Sublet

The first option you have is to look for a person that currently has an apartment, but cannot complete the remainder of his or her lease. This type of situation is called subletting, and it involves the tenant renting out the apartment for the remaining time left in the lease.

With this option, you would pay your rent payments to the tenant that leased the apartment originally. He or she would then make the rent payment to the actual landlord of the building.

This option works great for both parties involved. It gives the original tenant a way to get out of paying the rent for the rest of the lease, and it offers a way for another person to stay somewhere for less than one year.

If you choose to use this method for finding a short-term apartment, you must make sure that subletting is allowed by the landlord. Some landlords are against this policy, and you should not rent an apartment like this unless the lease states that it is allowed. To make sure it is allowed, you may want to talk to the landlord of the building directly.

Look For a Furnished Apartment

The second option you have is to look for a furnished apartment to rent. Furnished apartments often offer month-to-month leases, and this is because they are aimed at offering temporary living accommodations to students and traveling business workers.

This option not only offers the benefit of having a shorter lease, but it also offers a way to move into an apartment without having to bring in furniture. Furnished apartments typically offer all the furniture you will need, and they may offer other things too, such as kitchen dishes and bathroom towels.

These are two options you have if you are looking for a short-term apartment to rent. If you would like to learn more, contact a property management firm that has apartments for rent.