Your office locks can be an important barrier of entry to protect your employees and your business's belongings and data. For this reason, it's critical to think through ways to safeguard your office by using a strong system of office locks. Here are some tips for managing office security with your locks. 

Create a Multi-Layered Security Lock System

The first thing to consider is how you can set up a complicated system of locks that makes it hard for passersby to do too much damage. You might keep protected files under one kind of locks, while your extra cash is protected behind another set of locks. Besides the traditional keyed locks, talk with your locksmith about the benefits of keypads with changeable key codes. Biometric scanners are another good way to make sure that only a select few people can access your business's assets. In addition, you may want to have a locked key box that provides an added layer of security for your physical keys and spare copies. 

Review Policies with the Experts

Another step to take is to review your office lock system with a locksmith and incorporate some best practices into your employee handbook. If you hold your employees responsible for taking care of your office security, this can add as another layer of protection. 

For instance, you'll want to review your office policies for letting people into the office. An unwanted guest could gain access to keys and other valuable information. You can also ask your employees to keep their keys secured in their desks and to not give anyone else access to the keys. Besides listing the behavior you would like to see, you can also list out the penalties for not following these office procedures. 

Switch Out Your Locks Regularly

Finally, as a part of business, it's a good idea to switch out your office locks on a scheduled basis. You can review options such as switching the locks every year, or after a certain number of employees leave the company. The key is to have an estimate of how many people have had access to your locks over the timespan, and then set a benchmark for turning over your locks. Each person who accesses your locks can become a hazard in case they ever seek to harm the company. But with your diligence, you can avoid exposing your company to hazard from old locks. 

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