Renting out a single-family home provides you with an opportunity to capture the needs of a standard family of two parents and one or two children. A three to four-bedroom house is ideal for rentals, mainly because it is able to meet the needs of most families, which average at 3.14 persons. However, just having a perfect rental is not enough to succeed; you need to keep up with indoor and outdoor maintenance. Overlooking such a thing can lead to short-lived tenants who are not satisfied with your efforts.

Home Exterior

The outside of your home plays a huge role in making a positive impression. Not only should you want to impress potential and existing tenants, but you want your tenants to feel confident in their home. It may only be a temporary residence, but they deserve to feel good about where they live. Mold is one of the primary issues that you have to deal with, but you have numerous tools for keeping it at bay. Adding mold inhibitor to exterior paint and pressure washing the walls every year should do the trick.


Over time, no matter what you do, the concrete that makes up your driveway will begin to crack. Unless you live in or near the rental home, it is not realistic to check up on it regularly. It is better to perform regular maintenance in the form of applying a sealer that protects it from a variety of problems.


If you let the trees on your property grow uncontrollably, you could run into a few issues. Overgrown trees can get entangled with electrical lines or they can become hazardous to your tenants. It is important to keep not only your tenants from being at risk of injury from fallen branches, but also people passing by.


Not taking care of the lawn will lead to an inevitable expense in reseeding the lawn. It is better to install an irrigation system that you can rely on for consistent watering, as opposed to relying on tenants. It is not worth taking the risk, especially with professional reseeding costing at least $1,000 per half-acre. Not giving the responsibility to your tenants is another way to increase the appeal of your rental.

With a rental property, it is easy to forget about how much goes into maintaining a clean and attractive home. Fortunately, knowing how to properly maintain the property can keep stress to a minimum for both you and your tenants. If you need help managing your property, visit Richmond Property Management.