Typically when you rent an apartment with heat included, your rent will be slightly higher to compensate. However, apartments where you pay for heat often have lower rent, but obviously higher utilities expenses. If you're trying to choose between an apartment with heat and one without heat included, it's important to understand the price differences and how you can make them up.

Typical Cost Of Heat

Naturally, the cost of heating an apartment in the summer will be very low. In warm weather areas, it may cost next to nothing. However, when winter comes around, your heat bills will jump. For example, radiator-based heating can cost a full $300 in a large home, while gas heating can cost as much as $100 in an apartment.

As several sources state that $100 per month is a typical expectation in the winter, use that as the base for further estimates. These will be broken down further to give you an idea of just how much an apartment without heat may cost.

Breaking Down The Differences In Cost

As its not likely that you'll need heat for at least three or four months out of the year, think of your heat bill as a problem that will affect about eight months of your life. If you add $100 to each of these months, you end up with an extra $800 personal investment. If the apartment that includes heat costs less than $66 more per month, you're saving money by renting it, as $66 per month averages out to about $800 in a year.

However, it is fair to say that you're not likely to spend a full $100 on fall months, like October and September, or in early spring months, like March or April.

Even then, if the apartment with heat costs $100 more per month, that's an extra $1,200 a year, far below the $800 estimated above. However, it's also fair to say that your heating bills will vary by state. The calculations are somewhat complex and have a lot of variables, but it's fair to say that apartments where you have to pay for heat aren't exponentially more expensive than apartments where you don't.

Making this decision on your own is rather complicated and requires talking to multiple apartment landlords. They should be able to give you a good estimate on how much you'll pay in heating bills ever month, making the decision a lot easier.